Tissue Diagnostics

Improving the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer by providing innovations in tissue-based cancer diagnostics that increase testing efficiency and improve medical value.


Ventana products provide healthcare professionals with a total solution for all critical steps involved in the analysis of tissue biopsies. To optimize results for customers who invest in our automated slide stainers, we also offer premier workflow solutions specially designed to improve laboratory efficiency and preserve patient safety.

Recognizing the world's rising medical needs, Ventana focuses on accelerating the discovery and development of new prognostic and predictive cancer tests that enable personalized healthcare. These tests allow pathologists to analyze patient biopsies at the molecular level, to help determine the best course of therapy for individual patients.

As a member of the Roche Group, drawing on powerful partnerships with world-class scientific institutes, Ventana is innovating tissue diagnostics for labs and hospitals worldwide, offering a more diverse, robust menu of solutions than ever before. As slide-based tissue diagnostics advance, the opportunity for patients to lead longer, healthier lives improves.

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