Physician Office 


Empowering immediate healthcare decisions at the point of care to improve patient outcomes





Roche offers healthcare professionals flexible solutions for diagnostic testing outside the central lab, providing immediate results to help you make treatment decisions more quickly - inside or outside the hospital.


Studies have shown that point-of-care PT/INR testing with CoaguChek® systems may enhance the quality of care by allowing faster dosage adjustments and closer monitoring of patients on Coumadin® (warfarin sodium) therapy.


Since 1994, Roche Diagnostics has helped healthcare professionals provide quality care to their patients with a prothrombin time (PT/INR) meter they trust.


For more information on our anticoagulation products, please visit our Point of Care Anticoagulation Management Solutions Web site.




Urinalysis can be a valuable diagnostic tool for routine health screening and early disease detection. Roche has the ideal solution for your point-of-care urinalysis needs with both automated and visual testing solutions. Chemstrip® urine test strips from Roche Diagnostics are protected against vitamin C interference and the possibility of false-negative blood and glucose results, which can mean more timely and effective treatment for patients.1


For more information on our Urinalysis products, please visit our our Urinalysis Web site.

1Chemstrip 10 MD Urine Test Strips package insert. Indianapolis, IN. Roche Diagnostics Corporation, 2010.

Blood Glucose


ACCU-CHEK® products are recognized for quality and innovation in diabetes care worldwide.


Whether you are a busy doctor or ward nurse, you will appreciate our user-friendly, hand-held devices. Time savings gained by not having to enter the information manually means that you can spend more time with your patients. And the hospital administrator will welcome the corresponding cost savings.


For more information on our blood glucose monitoring products, please visit our Point of Care Diagnostics Web site.