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Roche Applied Science serves the scientific research community with an extensive product portfolio featuring cutting-edge instruments and reagents for genome sequencing, microarray analysis, nucleic acid purification, real-time PCR, and cell analysis. For 50 years, Roche Applied Science has been a pioneer in developing biochemicals, enzymes, and new technologies, with a steadfast commitment to innovation, quality, and service.


For more information on our Applied Science products, please visit our Applied Science Web site.

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Roche NimbleGen, Inc. is a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of a proprietary suite of DNA microarrays, consumables, instruments and services. Roche NimbleGen produces a unique combination of high-density arrays and long oligo probes that provide greater information content and higher data quality necessary for studying the full diversity of genomic and epigenomic variation.


Roche NimbleGen is enabling a new era of High-Definition Genomics by providing scientists with cost-effective, high-throughput tools for extracting and integrating complex data on important forms of genomic and epigenomic variation not previously accessible on a genome-wide scale.


For more information on NimbleGen products, please vist the NimbleGen Web site.


454 Life Sciences, a center of excellence of Roche Applied Science, develops and commercializes the innovative GS Junior and GS FLX Systems for high-throughput DNA sequencing. Specific applications include de novo sequencing and resequencing of whole genomes, targeted resequencing of genomic regions of interest, metagenomics, transcriptome sequencing and methylation analysis. 


The technology has enabled over 1,000 peer-reviewed publications in diverse research fields such as cancer, infectious disease, immunogenetics, drug discovery, agriculture, environmental ecology, paleontology and many more.


For more information on 454 Life Sciences, please visit our 454 Life Sciences Web site.