Roche Diagnostics currently utilizes the following transaction sets. Click on the transaction number below to view or download the Roche specifications for the specified transaction. All files are in Rich Text Format (.rft).


Transaction Sets
A transaction set is a meaningful unit of information that is exchanged between trading partners. There are more than 300 transaction sets in the X12 standard, including purchase orders, invoices, and many more. Each set is represented by a unique number - for example, an 850 is a purchase order.


Roche's preferred standard is ANSI X12 version 4010.


Transaction Set (.PDF) Transaction Name Benefits to Our Customers


Avoids errors and provides method to automatically feed the accounts payable system

Product Transfer Account Adjustment (Chargeback)

Reduces manual processing and cost associated with paper processing
Price Authorization Acknowledgment/Status Synchronizes contract information
Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment Allows for electronic reconciliation of chargebacks
Purchase Order Faster, more accurate delivery of orders for immediate processing

Purchase Order Acknowledgment

Allows visibility to initial order status


Advanced Shipping Notice Notification of product shipment that provides for proactive planing.
Product Transfer and Resale Report Reduces manual processing and cost associated with paper processing