Roche Diagnostics is pleased to announce that we now offer the ability for organizations to place orders via WebConnect. If you are a GHX WebConnect customer, you should now see Roche Diagnostics in your WebConnect supplier list.

If you are interested in online ordering, we invite you to submit orders via WebConnect and save your organization both time and money. WebConnect is a web based ordering system that allows buyers to order products online from multiple suppliers.

If you would like to learn more about WebConnect and its benefits, please visit the WebConnect page at the link below: offers a wide range of products to help manage diabetes - from blood sugar meters to software that turns results into actionable information.


Living with diabetes can be a challenge. The makers of ACCU-CHEKĀ® work to bring information and simple tools to help meet those daily challenges. allows for the purchase of Roche Applied Science products.


With more than half a century of experience in its field, Roche Applied Science is one of the world's leading producers of reagents and systems for life science research. Roche Applied Science develops and markets components for medical and biotechnological research - with a focus on genomics and proteomics. They also offer reagents for the pharmaceuticals and diagnostics industries, and for food safety testing.