Supplier Performance

Roche Diagnostics highly values the relationships we have with our many supply partners. The ultimate success of Roche Diagnostics, our customers, and our suppliers is directly related to creating an optimized supply-chain relationship, wherein the flow of goods is timely and of superior quality. As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business, we regularly measure, review and improve the supplier performance via the Roche Diagnostics Supplier Scorecard process. This closed loop system allows for continuous improvement in performance by targeting key performance metrics, establishing clear performance targets, measurement/feedback of actual performance to target, and finally, analysis and action to close any performance gaps.

Scorecard performance is also a key consideration in awarding future business, and in making supply base consolidation decisions. The expected performance level (level 4) for each metric is shown on the Roche Diagnostics Supplier Scorecard Example (PDF: 66 KB). The purpose of the Supplier Scorecard is to define the measures of performance used to evaluate the supplier base. These measures apply to all suppliers who provide direct material for Roche Diagnostics. They are an important part of overall supplier management and prioritization of activities towards improving quality to our customers. On time performance, Quality reliability, and Quality issues are used in the overall assessment of the supplier's performance.

Supplier Corrective Actions

If supplier related quality issues arise, Roche Diagnostics drives analysis and correction of the problem via our Supplier Corrective Action Request process. A Supplier Corrective Action Request can be issued based on three possible circumstances:

    1. In response to a supplier audit where the audit rating of either "Approved-Needs Improvement" or "Not Approved" is identified and a formal corrective action is warranted.

    2. In response to significant event(s) that have a broad impact and require immediate attention. Example: Failure to comply with stated specifications or a manufacturing failure due to nonconforming raw material. In addition, field failure data or other types of defect analysis may identify latent defects and warrant a formal corrective action.

    3. In response to supplier performance metrics or other data that shows performance trends.

This Supplier Corrective Action process is initiated by the Roche Diagnostics Supplier Development Engineer(SDE). The SDE will forward the Supplier Corrective Action Request form (DOC: 75 KB) describing the issue, to the supplier Quality representative. RDC's expectation is that a thorough root cause analysis, corrective action plan, and validation plan be developed for each issue. The required supplier response time is less than 15 days for routine issues.