Roche Diagnostics' policy is to accept only goods and services that have authorization (Purchase Order or Procurement Credit Card Number) before starting services and/or shipment and receipt of goods. The Purchase Order number should always be referenced on packing slips and all invoices. If a Roche Diagnostics' Procurement Credit Card was used, the words, "Credit Card" and the Roche Diagnostics' employee's first initial and last name should always be referenced on the packing slip. If you do not have authorization from a Roche Diagnostics' representative, we may choose (i) not to accept and return the goods, freight paid by you or (ii) not to accept services and reject any invoices.

Roche Diagnostics' Supplier Shipping Requirements Procedure (PDF: 416 KB) provide guidelines for packaging, labeling, and shipping materials to the Roche Diagnostics-Indianapolis facility. These guidelines will achieve optimum quality deliveries that are free of damage and have proper part identification and labeling consistency. If you have questions about the Supplier Shipping Guidelines (including pallet, container, and labeling), please send an e-mail or call 317-521-2000 and ask for the Receiving Department.

Roche Diagnostics' Standard Freight term is FOB Ship Point - Freight Collect, 3rd party billing unless otherwise agreed to in a contract. Only Logistics and Procurement departments are authorized to change freight terms.

If you have questions concerning the Routing Instructions and matrix, general transportation topics, or service related problems with our carriers, please contact our Traffic Department at 317-521-4676 or by email.